Blessed Sanctified Landmarks

Our journey began from Tabung Haji Complex, Kelana Jaya. The letter stated registration at 12.30 am. My wife and I arrived at 12.45 am.... yet nearly everyone (around 300+ people) had checked-in; and we were the last persons in the queue!!

Thank God, everything went smoothly after that initial shock-and-panic moments. The Saudi Air plane took off around 3.30 am from KLIA to Madinah. The key places and landmarks include:

Madinah (stayed 8 days):

Makkah (8 hours on bus from Madinah):
Arafah (stayed 1 night):
Mudzalifah (passed through after midnight):
Mina (stayed 4 nights):
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From Mina, we went back to Makkah and spent all remaining days there. One day before the flight home, we stayed in Jeddah. The following afternoon, our plane took off from Hajj Terminal Jeddah Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Lesson: The physical evidence can be seen and touched. With open mind, it is easy to see and accept the truth.

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