Ilmu @ Knowledge

The rituals, rules and procedures for Hajj are not complicated. Going to relevant classes, reading books, watching VCDs and discussing with knowledgeable persons will ensure the Hajj is performed correctly and derive maximum reward from God. Specific penalties are imposed if the rituals are not performed according to rules. Worst, it is a waste of money, time and efforts if the Hajj is rejected by God. Indeed, Hajj is a platform to train Muslims to acquire knowledge.... using the carrot-and-stick incentives. Rule of thumb is to know something of everything and everything of something.

Quite sad to see the..... pilgrims who followed the actions of others blindly; or pilgrims who observed the physical rituals but totally disregard courtesy to other pilgrims; or pilgrims who issued their own fatwas based on their limited knowledge; or those who in constant worries because they are not sure what to do; or those who endanger their lives. Superficial understanding is not the same as In-depth Knowledge. Theoretical understanding is not the same as Practical Experience.
Lessons = Acquire Ilmu @ Knowledge as long as we live. For vital subjects, ensure acquire detailed understanding. It is very dangerous when we think we know when infact we know not. Ask the right persons, not just someone who say what we want to hear. Most important.... know our own limitation.... so we will know what not to decide, when to ask for help and who is the right person to ask.
p/s - This is a blog by my fellow pilgrim

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