Pork Served in Abu Dhabi's Hotel

Jeff Ooi wrote in his Screenshots about his "rude culture schock" in Abu Dhabi:
"I had a rude culture shock this morning when I turned up for breakfast at the Beach Rotana hotel. The first food counter I walked past was labelled P O R K. It was situated alongside other food counters serving an array of international and regional guests.
A culture shock because, even back home, the most liberally progressive and the most modern of Kuala Lumpur hotels don't do what Abu Dhabi hotels are doing. (My local friends told me Le Meridien Riyadh is no different in handling pork station at its F&B outlets. Open and non-discriminatory, just prominent labelling.)
Suddenly, just like the zen experience of catharsis ( Κάθαρσις ) and satori ( 悟 ), I realised how much I had been brain-washed all along by political Islam back home.
I used to read Jeff's blog, but had stopped for quite a while. However, I paid a visit when a friend forwarded the above article. It is interesting to read the readers' comments and Jeff's answers. Its not for me to judge whether he is arrogant or not, whether he has ulterior motives, whether it is about politic or religion etc. It is His blog and His observation.... upto him lah.

This is my blog and I say what I like, and I share what I believe :)

Al-Quran and Hadith guide me in my daily life. I do not seek guidance from any hotel regardless of how many stars nor from any bloggers regardless of their writing skills.

Touching pig (pork, skin etc) is considered "dirty". To clean requires pouring water seven times, one of which is with water mixed with soil (tanah). That is so much work, which is why I will get as far away from pig (and dog). I have nothing against those animals and I detest people who mistreat them.

Eating pork is prohibited in Islam and if it becomes part of me, then my doa and solat may be rejected because my body is not pure. In times of hunger and there is no other food, Allah allows me to consume pork (or anything) just enough for survival. Yes, committing adultery, not performing solat and vicitmising other people are greater sins..... but eating pork is still prohibited.

Come to One Utama, you will see rows of Non-Halal Restaurants within the building. You like pork, you eat lah. No limitations, no restrictions, no discriminations. So what big deal hotel in Abu Dhabi? Nothing lah. Hotels in Malaysia wants to serve pork? Serve lah, no problem for me. I just go to other hotels and restaurants which serves my personal choice. Free market what!

It just happened I watched a documentary on History Channel about the Spanish Inquisition; how Queen Isabella used pork to control Muslims and Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity. I didn't write those history, you can read Here and read Here.

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  1. That make it sound weird though. But it do happen there but not in the open.

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