Trichinosis or Trichinellosis

Islam and Judaism prohibited its followers from consuming pork. Yes, Jews do not eat pork! I read in some articles that Bible prohibited pork too, you can Google that yourself (I will not comment since I have not studied it yet).

Islam also prohibits the consumption of carnivourous animals. So why Muslims must not consume pork and carnivourous animals? First, because it is God's command. He is All-Knowing and knows what's best for all His creation.... including human being. This reason alone is enough for a Mukmin, those who firmly believe in God and His Prophet.

Second reason why a person must not eat pork and carnivourous animals.... because they carry health risks. Sure, one can argue about the modern cooking methods etc. But it is so easy to slip-up in preparing and cooking meat. You can read the articles Medicinet and WebZiner.

And this is a short video on Histopathology Skeletal muscle--Trichinosis:


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