Islam Denounces Terrorism

When Islam and Muslims are under attack, the Ummah must rise to defend it. But terrorism must not even be considered as an option. Muslims must avoid the immoral concept of Collateral Damage propagated by USA and Israel. "War" must not involve injuring civilians and destroying places of worship.

Terrorism causes Fitnah to Islam and Muslim countries. Why give excuse for Bush (may God give him and his hawk-team their most deserving punishment here and hereafter) to ravage Afghanistan and Iraq under the disguise of war against terrorism, when actually to control the oil? Why follow the people of Gog Magong (Yaakjuj Makjuj)?

Allah will send His army to help those who strive solely for His pleasure and sincerely for Islam (not for wealth, power, fame or any other reasons whatsoever). In this knowledge and communication age, there are many civil options for amar maaruf nahi mungkar and for dakwah. Be at the forefront of economy, education, science, technology, social causes, healthcare etc. Japanese is a major power following the peaceful way!

Muslims and non-Muslims must also keep pushing the media, leaders and individuals to stop using the word "islamic terrorist", "muslim extremist" and so forth. It only gives cheap publicity to the terrorists.

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