Khutba Wida' Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. delivered this message for all mankind (Muslims and non-Muslims) when he was performing hajj. It is known as Khutbah Wida’ or the Farewell Sermon. Download explanation from MUIS website:
O mankind! Listen well to what I have to say. I do not know if I will meet all of you again after this year. So listen carefully to what I say and deliver this to those who are not present today.

O mankind, as how you observe this month and this city to be sacred, so is the life and the wealth of every Muslim. Return all the wealth that has been trusted to you back to its rightful owner. Do not harm anyone so that no one will harm you.

Remember that you will indeed meet your Lord and you shall be accounted for all your deeds. Allah has forbidden riba, so all matters involving riba are not allowed from now on.

Be wary of syaitaan, for the sake of your religion. He is disappointed for not being able to lead you astray in the big matters, so be careful so that you will not follow him in the small matters.

O mankind, your wives have rights on you in the same way that you have rights on them. If they fulfill their obligations towards you, then they are entitled to be fed and to be clothed lovingly. Treat your wives rightfully and with kindness because they are indeed your loyal companions and your helpers and your right on them is not to allow anybody you dislike into your houses and not to commit adultery.

O mankind, listen carefully to my words, worship Allah, pray five times a day, fast in the month of Ramadhan, and give zakat from your wealth. Perform hajj if you can afford it. Know that every Muslim is a brother to other Muslims. You are all the same; no one is above the other except by the means of taqwa and good deeds.

Remember that one day you will meet Allah s.w.t and you will be held accountable for what you have done. Therefore, be careful so that you do not transgress the limits when I am no longer here.

O mankind, there is no Prophet or Rasul after me and there will not be a new religion. So, understand and consider what I have said to you. Indeed I leave you with two things, if you hold on to them and you follow them, you will never go astray, that is the Al-Quran and my Sunnah.

Those who have listened to my message are to convey it to others, and they in turn, must convey it to the rest. May those who listen last understand my words more than those who listen directly from me. O Allah, please witness that I have indeed conveyed Your message to Your servants.

Fear the day when you will be brought back to Allah and every soul will be rewarded with what he has done and will not be wronged.”

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