Who are We?

Moving outwards to 100 million light years away into space, we (human) are not even the size of spec of dust! Very miniscule within the bigger picture of Allah's creation.....

Moving inwards to 0.0001 angstroms into our body, we (human) are evidence of miracles of creation which destroy the simplistic darwin's fairytale of evolution.....

There is no God but Allah,
Samiqna Wa'ataqna (I hear and I submit to you), Ya Allah



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  1. Allah itu Maha Halus, Maha Besar, Maha Luas, Maha Kaya, Maha Bijaksana, Maha Pemurah, Maha Pengasih.

    Hijab antara manusia dengan Allah SWT 70,000, sementara Allah SWT tidak ada hijab dengan manusia, Allah itu lebih dekat dengan kamu dari urat leher kamu sendiri ....