"I want to fornicate"

If someone tells you "I want to fornicate" (or commit zina), what would be your respond? Think about it. Then read this narration from Abu Umamah:
Once, while the prophet (sal) was sitting in his blessed gathering, surrounded by his immaculate companions, there came a young man into the mosque and began to look right and left as if he was looking for someone. His eyes fell on the prophet (sal) so he walked towards him.

It was assumed that the young man would sit in the circle and listen to Allah’s remembrance. But he did not. The man simply looked at the messenger of Allah (sal) and the companions around him, and said with all boldness, “o messenger of Allah! Allow me to fornicate.”

How astonishing! He asked such a question so frankly!

“Allow me to fornicate”

The prophet looked at the young man. Although, it was possible for him to admonish him by reciting Quranic verses, or advising him briefly with words that may move his heart. He (sal) chose to take a different route.

He said to him gently, “would you like anyone to fornicate with your mother?”

The young man shook as he thought of someone fornicating with his mother and said, “no. I would never like that for my mother.”

The prophet (sal) said to him gently, “likewise, the people would not like it for their mothers either.” He then asked him, “Would you like it for your sister?”

The young man was shaken again as he thought of his chaste sister fornicating and instantly said, “No. I would never like it for my sister.”

The prophet (sal) replied, “Similarly, the people would not like it for their sisters.” He then asked him. “Would you like it for your paternal aunt? Would you like it for your maternal aunt?”

The young man kept saying. “No…..No…..”

The prophet (sal) then said to him, “then love for the people what you love for yourself, and dislike for the people what you dislike for yourself.”

The young man then realized he was wrong and said with all humility, “o messenger of Allah! Pray to Allah to cleanse my heart!”

The prophet (sal) then called him, and the young man walked towards him and sat down in front of him. The prophet (sal) placed his hand on his chest and said, “O Allah! Guide his heart, forgive his sins and guard hi chastity.”

The young man left saying, “By Allah, I went to the messenger of Allah (sal) while fornication was the most beloved act to me. But as I left his company, fornication was the most hateful action to me.”

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